Vehicle Recovery

From classic custom & cherished cars to stretch limousines and trucks.

We understand these vehicles and the problems associated with there recovery when broken down or involved in an accident.
This is why we use american equipt wrecker trucks as they are built especially for the american vehicles.
We can undertake road side repairs that leave none specialized recovery / breakdown services scratching there heads.


Road side assistance/Home start/Recovery
We have specially fully equipped breakdown /recovery vehicles that enable us to give you our assurance of a totally damage free breakdown/recovery service that is second to none.

This is achieved with the Vulcan super cradle, this system makes contact with the tyres only and can accommodate skirts spoilers and body kits as low as 50 mm. and the widest of wheels.  Be it tow, suspended tow, or total lift recovery all is well within the capabilities of our specialist trucks

Equipment that can cater any problem you may encounter including roadside diagnostic scanners. (reads on board computers for trouble codes) This takes the guess work away for problem fault diagnosis at the road side.

Onboard fluids and parts including american. To enable road side repair where this is possible.

Full workshop services
 Servicing, repairs, restoration, electric's, body, mechanical, parts. including recovery vehicles built and modified to your requirments.

We buy sell exchange classic, custom, american, cars trucks.
Help and advise on american vehicles, restoration, repair, is free subject to time available.