24 Hour recovery

This vehicle is one of the most versatile trucks in its range.

The  equipment on this vehicle can cater for almost any breakdown or accident damaged vehicle from a mini to 17 ton gvw including low profile vehicles.

The on board jacking equipment includes air jacks to lift from as low as 1" to 24" hydraulic jacks from 3.5" to 36"  and boom lift up to 9ft.

The lift an tow equipment has fully adjustable wheel grids that can accommodate any size of wheels.
also there is a full array of lifting forks, spring slippers, and chain system, to accommodate all situations.
This equipment gives the vehicle a great deal of scope to efficiently handle any given situation, in fact it is true to say this vehicle has never failed an efficient and above all a safe recovery to date.

The winch is powefull but as gentle as a kitten.

To enhance the capabilities of this truck there is heavy duty self raise wheel dolly sets to enable full lift for
4X4 vehicles and automatics that require front lift towing.

A full array of tools including diagnostic scanners to the latest can protocol, electrical test equipment, and an on board airline.


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